Large Botanical Infuser and Mini Candy Making Kit Bundle



Create perfect infused candies with our Botanical Infuser and Mini Candy Mold Kit

  • Easy to use | 5 pre-set Temperature Settings + DIY Customizations!
  • Self Cleaning | Easy Clean Up with the Self Cleaning pre-set & Dishwasher Safe Accessories!
  • Mini Edible Mold Trays made from BPA-Free, 100% food-grade silicone 
  • Easy to Use |  2 Droppers for mess-free filling & Non-Stick, Flexible Trays make it easy to remove your infusions!
  • Product Description

      BOTANICAL INFUSER | This machine is compact enough for any kitchen, making infusions easy and mess free. You'll get seamless infusions with an industrial-grade stainless-steel blade and laboratory standard temperature control. ONGROK's herbal extractor has 1–8 hour cycles + DIY temperature options, depending on if you're using it as an oil maker, tincture maker, or butter maker. Turn your herb into potent oil in as little as 1 hour!

      MINI CANDY MOLDS | These fun silicone shapes will help you make delicious infusions. It's made from BPA-Free, 100% food-grade silicone, and the flexible, smooth material of these small silicone molds makes your infusions easy to remove. Includes 3 candy mold and 2 droppers, so you can enjoy your gummy creations with less mess and less stress.

      VERSATILE | Use this innovative butter maker machine and herbal infuser to extract your herb into the key ingredient of homemade edibles, topical creams, or alcohol-extracted machine tincture drops.This butter maker can also be used for a variety of kitchen and home uses. Try making homemade potent essential oils with fresh herbs like lavender and rosemary or creating homemade botanical lotions, balms, tinctures, and more.

      BUNDLE INCLUDES | This useful bundle and infusions kit is great for beginners, and comes complete with important product features, including 2 silicone gummy gloves, 2 nylon filter bags (190, 73 micron), 3 gummy molds, 2 measurement droppers and a recipe book, so you're ready to get started making magical herbal infusions. Simply press a couple of buttons to begin.

      RISK-FREE GUARANTEE | At ONGROK, our goal is to "ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE", by bringing you the best products possible. If you're ever dissatisfied, just reach out and we'll be certain to make things right!