Tendu Leaf Wraps: A More Natural Way to Consume

Posted on August 26 2021

As our knowledge of what impacts our health and wellbeing grows, we’re becoming more conscious of what we put into our bodies as well. When it comes to herbal consumption, we support the use of tendu leaf wraps. This natural consumption method could benefit us in our journey to be kinder to our bodies. But maybe you’re wondering, what are tendu leaf wraps and how does this type of herbal wrap serve as a natural alternative to other forms of consumption? 


What are Tendu Leaf Wraps? 

Tendu leaves come from tendu trees, native to Sri Lanka and India. These trees have been used as a form of traditional medicine to help calm nerves and aid the digestive tract. Indeed, tendu leaf wraps have been used for centuries. Lately, however, they have been eyed as a natural alternative to other types of herbal wraps, taking the world by storm for their diverse and distinct benefits

Since tendu leaves are not manufactured, they do not contain the same additives other wraps are likely to possess. This natural consumption option also burns smoothly due to a reduction in plant components, unlike traditional palm wraps. Along with their natural characteristics, these herbal wraps present a mild, earthy flavor, perfectly complementary to any herbs you may consider consuming. 

Zero Waste Herbal Consumption

Tendu leaf wraps also make for a greener alternative. Our Tendu Leaf Wraps use a corn husk tip filter, which allows for a smooth, milky smoke, and reduced harshness. A huge bonus that comes with our corn husk tip filter is that your tendu leaf wrap can be cleaned up in no time —  your tendu leaf wrap can actually be composted after use! Additionally, our wraps come in 2 sizes -1 gram & 1/2 gram- and are relatively small in size compared with other types of herbal wraps, using less material. It also allows them to be easily stashable, whether you want to take them with you on the trails or to a friends’. 

Tendu Leaf Wraps

Why to Use Cured Leaves

Curing is the process of letting plant material, such as your tendu leaf wraps dry out in order to preserve them. The curing process is used to preserve a wide variety of plants from onions to garlic to herbs such as lavender and rosemary. The process of curing involves drawing water out of the leaves, leaving a preserved version in its place. 

Cured tendu leaf wraps have key advantages over uncured leaves. These cured leaves have reduced chlorophyll content, as a result of the airing and drying process. Dangers are present when it comes to using uncured leaf wraps as well. For example, cured leaves help to drastically reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew, which can be dangerous when consumed. Importantly, mold and mildew require moisture in order to thrive. When leaves are cured and dried, the leaves’ reduction in moisture content in turn reduces risk of mold and mildew. 

Don’t Forget to Use a Humidity Pack! 

Although tendu leaf wraps need to be cured to cast out moisture, you’ll want to ensure that you keep your tendu leaf wraps from drying out. Our 2-way humidity packs are the solution to prevent this from happening. It is vital to keep your herbs and tendu leaf wraps fresh, and to do this, you’ll need to store them in a controlled environment. Our humidity packs release a small amount of moisture to balance the environment. To make the most of your humidity pack, ensure your tendu leaf wraps are sealed in an airtight bag.  

If you’re considering a fresh, natural alternative to traditional herbal wraps, tendu leaf wraps may be right for you. Have any questions about tendu leaf wraps or how you can best use humidity packs in your herbal consumption journey? Send us an email at info@ongrok.com

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