Cone Loader



Perfect solution for filling and packing herbs into pre-rolled cones for professional quality pre-rolls every time.

  • Mess Free and easy to use!
  • Translucent body for dose control
  • Designed to fit pre-roll cones
  • Includes: Packing stick
  • Product Description

      FILL IN LESS THAN 30seconds | Add small amounts of herb at a time to your king size cone, pack it down with the included packing stick, and repeat until you reach the desired fill size. Professional quality cones every time.

      MESS FREE & EASY TO USE | The ONGROK cone loader device allows consumers of all experience levels to easily fill a pre-rolled cone. Perfect for smokers with arthritis and smokers who don't have the time or desire to learn to roll.

      ENGINEERED TO FIT MAJOR BRANDS | ONGROK cone loader device is designed to fit the 1 1/4 (84x26mm) pre-rolled cones and wraps produced by most major brands

      INTEGRATED MEASURING GUIDE | Use the integrated measuring guide to fill pre-roll cones to the perfect amount. Perfect for dose-control.

      RISK-FREE GUARANTEE | At ONGROK, our goal is to "ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE", by bringing you the best service and products possible. If you're ever dissatisfied, reach out to us online, and we'll be certain to make things right!