Homemade Gummy Candy Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on June 27 2022

At first, creating homemade gummies may seem very easy, especially when you think all that matters is the mixture of fruit, sugar, and gelatin. There are, however, several homemade gummy candy mistakes to avoid.

Failing to Adequately Hydrate the Gelatin

One of the most common misconceptions about powdered gelatin is the ability to dissolve smoothly when exposed to the warm liquid because of its smooth constitution. This is a mistake you should never make when preparing gummies as the gelatin can become uneven if it's not hydrated properly. Ensure that you hydrate the gelatin to make it dissolve into its warm base without becoming uneven. Hydration, also known as blooming, will help to produce a clear and even gel. While you can always use water for this, it's best to use juice, tea, or wine.

Adding Hydrated Gelatin into a Hot Base

Another common mistake that should be avoided is adding the hydrated gelatin into a hot base. You may be tempted to pour the gelatin into a hot base once it starts blooming but that can drastically weaken its ability to set properly. Always exercise patience till the base liquid is cool enough to accommodate the bloomed gelatin without weakening it. Likewise, avoid boiling the liquid after adding gelatin to it as that can make the gummies stronger than you need them to turn out.

Using the Gelatin Mixture Late

Gelatin will start forming as it cools down, which is why you should make use of it while it's still warm. This means you have to fill the molds quickly before the gel cools down. You need to prepare the molds or tray before you even hydrate the gelatin, as this will help to enhance the speed of getting the mold filling process. You can try our easy-to-use gummy-making kit to make it easy to mix the gelatin and fill up the molds faster. For smaller molds, you may need to use a small syringe or bulb master to achieve a smooth filling process.

Using Ingredients that Interfere with the Gelling

Using fruits like kiwi, papaya, pineapple, and others might seem exciting and mesmerizing but it's not a very great idea as such ingredients can prevent or limit the gelatin’s ability to completely form. Fruits that contain protease (an enzyme that can be found in some fruits) can deteriorate and affect the gelling process of the gelatin. If your recipe requires the use of any fruits that contain protease, consider using the dried, canned, or cooked versions instead of the fresh ones to help your gelatin set easily. Alcohol is another ingredient that can mess up the setting of your gelatin, especially when you use a higher quantity. However, if you ever need to use it, ensure that you cook it first to reduce the alcohol content as that can make the gelatin setting easier.

Now that you have learned the mistakes you need to avoid while making homemade gummies, don't hesitate to have fun making them as often as you want to get a rewarding result.


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