Top Tips to Choose the Right Herb Grinder

Posted on June 27 2022

If you are a herb grinder, you’ll understand that herb grinders are a must have accessory and the need to always choose the right herb grinder. It is a tool that helps to break down herbs into smaller particulates that are easy to process. Grinding your herbs will save you the time and energy of struggling to break them up and may also enhance the quality of the ingredients. Below are things to consider when buying a new grinder:

Your Budget

Grinders can be pricey or cheap, depending on your budget. Therefore, you have to keep your budget in check and perspective of how much you can afford to spend on it. While you shouldn’t opt for the cheapest ones, you also don’t have to pick the most expensive once. Finding a moderately-priced herb grinder is ideal so you don’t need to spend too much to get value for your money. Simply opt for a grinder that fits best in your budget and can meet all your needs.


Aside from setting a budget, you need to consider the material of a grinder before buying it. Most grinders under the cheap category are made from materials like wood or acrylic and are not durable enough compared to their metal counterparts. Getting one of those would only mean that you need to get replacements often and that is not cost effective. It’s best to opt for herb grinders from popular brands made aircraft-grade aluminum or ABS plastic, as they are more durable.


Grinders are available in different sizes, ranging from mini or small to large and extra-large. Consider your lifestyle and needs before choosing a size. If you are on the road a lot and would need a portable grinder on the go, you should opt for a mini to small size range that you can easily store. However, if you usually process a lot of herbs at once, you should opt for large or extra-large grinders as they suit your needs best.

Brand Value and Quality

Another best factor to consider is your use case—what you need the grinder for, how often you will use it, and where you’ll store it. Examine the build quality of the grinder such as the teeth, pollen screen, and the metal case itself. Also, ensure that you check for grinders with strong threading, as that will help reduce the chances of wear and tear as you open and close the case. Checking the coating and finish of the metal is also important, to avoid getting your herbs mixed with peels from the grinder.

Multi Piece Grinders

Grinders are also available in different forms ranging from single to multi pieces.

Two-piece grinders are the simplest forms of herb grinders and are not very functional as all they can do is grind herbs.

The three-pieced form has a grinding piece as well as a compartment to gather ground herbs.

Four-pieced grinder has a grinding piece, a compartment for collecting ground herbs, and a pollen accumulator layer.

Five-pieced grinder has a grinding piece, a ground herb layer, a layer for pollen accumulation, and a secret compartment for storing small buds.


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