Easy Herb Infused Oil Recipe

Posted on May 03 2021

Ever wondered how to get high quality herb infused oil at home without it taking days to marinate or infuse? Well with ONGROK’s Botanical Infuser Machine & Kit you can make your own oil in as little as 1 hour! Herb infused oil is delicious and incredibly versatile; use is on top of salads, in pasta sauces & to amp up flavor in other dishes! Let’s get into the recipe!


What you’ll need:

Botanical Infuser Machine & kit

Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin (optional)

Oil of choice

Herbs of choice

Notes:  When making large batches you’ll want to use dried herbs to prolong the shelf life of the product; fresh herbs contain water and risk spoiling the oil fairly quickly.

If you prefer to use fresh ingredients such as basil, garlic or lemon peel be sure to make it in smaller batches and use it within one week.

Sunflower Lecithin powder is recommended for those seeking a stronger flavor as it helps bind the ingredients together.


  • Add the herbs, lecithin (if using) & oil to the infuser and close the lid.
  • Select the oil preset (1 hour) and set the temperature to 160°F (71°C)

Once the cycle is complete be sure to put on your mitts and slowly pour the oil through the filter bag into a sterilized jar.  Seal & enjoy!




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